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The Emerald Nightmare Mythic
Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
Elerethe Renferal
Dragons of Nightmare

A bit delayed, but not forgotten: we have cleared the Emerald Nightmare on heroic last week! The real journey is only beginning here of course and the first mythic boss was already at 10%, so more to come soon...

Special thanks to everyone helping out the raid with herbing and doing dungeons etc!

After a short break at the end of Draenor and a very busy few weeks of leveling and preparing, it was finally time to get back to raiding! Quite a few new people in the raid, so welcome to TPR to all of you! You'll soon get used to "that's what she said" and Blexis jokes. The results were quite good for the first week:

So for now we are on 4/7 heroic and very likely 7/7 normal before the end of the first week. Next week we can hopefully push on to at least 6/7 heroic!

Glory of the Legion Hero

Jadeleaf a posted Sep 19, 16

It has been a while without an update and what better time for it than at the start of a new expansion that has everyone busy with things to do. We are doing great as a guild and there is a lot of activity on all fronts. There are multiple teams preparing to venture into raids when they finally unlock. In the meantime some of our members have been hunting achievements with great success. In particular I'd like to congratulate a five man team that has Glory of the Legion Hero achievement complete before the raiding even started. It's an amazing effort which took many hours to accomplish. May this be just the first of the many to follow!

Lavantor Grats guys :)
Burps Server first if I understand it correctly! Great job guys!
Njoord a Gratz :) Strong start :)

Challenge Modes Gold!

Karteza a posted Apr 23, 16

The first guild group managed to clear all the Warlords of Draenor Challenge Modes with Gold times this week! Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks for earning the guild the Deathwatch Hatchling pet! Pet collectors don't forget to pick yours up from the guild vendor.

Demandred We conquered all!! We had bugs to contend with, Everbugged, Bugreach - we cheesed mechanics, climbed walls and learned t...

Mythic Mannoroth down!

Kaehlen posted Apr 7, 16

It was a long journey, with all kinds of challenges to overcome, but the big demon is finally down! We unleashed the TPR power and with great effort on the final pull of the evening, Mannoroth fell. Many interesting ways to wipe were found, but in the end it was a great achievement of the team.

Note the monk that almost wiped the whole raid with his last tick of Wrath of Guldan :D

This leaves us with just 1 boss left to finish the expansion on 12/13 mythic bosses defeated. With a 55% wipe we are already almost halfway there...

Unfortunately I was on vacation when Mannoroth was killed, just as when we killed Xhul'horac for the first time. So with flawless logic I can already say Archimonde will be killed on May 22nd.